Download free Weather for Visual Composer WordPress plugin v1.0

Weather for Visual Composer v1.0 is a smart weather addon, which displays the current weather as a simple text or an elegant box widget. You can easily integrate a very useful feature in your website, just by using a Visual Composer custom element. Your visitors will know right away how to plan their schedule, happy to know the weather is on their side. Weather for Visual Composer is based on


Easy to use
3 weather display styles available
Unlimited Color Options
Custom Date Format
Use Metric (Celsius) or Imperial (Fahrenheit) Units
Up to 7 Days Forecast option
Update info with each page refresh or define a time interval
Choose City and Country for quick weather display
Use Latitude and Longitude coordinates to pinpoint location
Multilanguage (dates are automatically translated according to the existing WordPress localization; weather condition available in 17 languages ¹)

Weather for Visual Composer v1.0 Changelog

First release!

Demo Weather for Visual Composer v1.0

Download Weather for Visual Composer v1.0