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Super Forms v1.2.7 – Drag & Drop Form Builder – Super Forms is the one and only plugin that you will ever need for your contact forms. This WordPress Plugin is very user friendly when it comes to building forms. With unlimited options you will be able to create any kind of forms. With conditional logic, Multipart elements and tons of customizable options and settings to adjust any color of any element to fit your needs. No matter what theme you have installed Super Forms will fit with it’s color scheme functionality.

Send confirmation emails, save contact entries with it’s data, and much more functions to be explored!

Features added since initial release:

Validation option to conditionally check on an other fields value with field tag e.g {password}, this way you can for instance add a password confirm check (usefull for registration forms)
Year range for datepicker field
Option to allow field to be empty and to only validate the field when field is not empty
Max/Min number (integer) for text field
Default value option for datepicker field
Functionality to dynamically add and execute javascript functions with new provided filter hooks
Option to redirect to a custom URL and add paramaters with the use of tags e.g: ?username={field_username}
Possibility to not display message after redirect if Thanks title and description are both empty
New predefined element (Email address)
Possibility to translate the date picker month and day names
Files are now attached as an file in emails
Option to retrieve tags inside the thank you title and description after a successful submitted form
New notifications function for better and more flexible way to display messages to users
Option to retrieve Post title (post_title) and Post ID (post_ID) as default value
Conditional Validation for fields (== equal, ? contains, > greater than etc.)
Dropdown CSV upload possibility
Dropdown retrieve WP categories (by taxonomy name e.g category, product_cat etc.)
Option to export and import form settings per form and the default form settings
For Add-on purposes, a function to return error and success messages
Possibility to use multiple forms on one page with each a different style
New date format dd-mm-yy for date field
Possibility to set a custom date format for date fields
Option to exclude any field data from both emails instead of only the confirmation email
Possibility to have multiple forms on one page with each their own fileupload element
New action hook – super_before_email_success_msg_action
New action hook – super_before_printing_message
New action hook – super_before_printing_redirect_js_action
New filter hook – super_common_js_dynamic_functions_filter
New filter hook – super_before_email_loop_data_filter
New filter hook – super_form_styles_filter

Super Forms v1.2.7 – Drag & Drop Form Builder Changelog

Latest version – v1.2.7
– Added: 5 new demo forms!
– Fix: Small bug when changing column size (in some cases not being saved/remembered)
– Fix: Uncaught TypeError when datepicker default value is empty
– Fix: Only apply meta_query custom search for super forms contact entries
– Fix: When WP network site is enabled, wrong directory is called for media uploads
– Added: Option to calculate difference between 2 timepickers (calculator add-on required!)
– Added: Option to calculate age based on birth date for datepickers (calculator add-on required!)
– Added: Date range option when exporting contact entries to CSV
– Added: Labeling for Columns and Multi-parts on form builder page (easier to keep track of sections)
– Added: Option to make hidden field a variable (change value dynamically with conditional logic)
– Added: Ability to use {tags} in HTML elements (tags will be updated on the fly!)
– Added: Option to use {tags} inside Additional headers setting
– Added: Setting to chose what value should be send to emails for dropdowns, checkbox and radio buttons
– Added: {field_label_****} tag to use in emails and subjects etc.
– Added: Option to do math between datepickers with calculator add-on
– Added: new filter hook – super_common_attributes_filter
– Improved: Contact entry export to CSV now includes: entry_id, entry_title, entry_date, entry_author, entry_status and entry_ip

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