Download free Elegant Tabs for WooCommerce WordPress plugin v2.3.0

– Elegant Tabs for WooCommerce v2.1.0 is an addon for WooCommerce WordPress plugin. This plugin works great with the WordPress 4.0 and above and WooCommerce 2.2.0 and above.


# NEW: Icon Selector for Tabs —

Now, you can use the icons on WooCommerce tabs. We have added icon selector with over 400+ icons

# New: Tabs to Accordion on Mobile —

Now, you can set the tabs to convert in accordion on mobile devices for easy access

# NEW: Justified Tabs —

Added another option to make all the tabs justified. This will set all the available tabs with same width across the container.

# NEW: Vertical Tabs —

Most requested and awaited feature is finally here. Now, you can add vertical tabs to your page or turn the existing tabs to vertical tabs to add more look to your site.

# NEW: Tabs to Dropdown on mobile —

We have added an option that will allow you to convert the tabs into dropdown on mobile devices, as they doesn’t fit in mobile screen due to the complex designs.

Elegant Tabs for WooCommerce v2.1.0 Changelog

Version 2.1.0 – 15 March, 2017

– New: Mobile tabs to accordion option.
– New: Added icon selector for product tabs.
– Improved: Tabs styling.
– Improved: Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.7
– Fixed: Few minor bugs.

More versions

Demo Elegant Tabs for WooCommerce v2.1.0

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